Federal Services Office

At Alabama Canine Law Enforcement Officers Training Center, we provide world class search and patrol services including, but not limited to, Explosive detection search teams, Narcotic Detection search teams, Police/Security Patrol teams, Electronic Detection (Cell phone) search teams Accelerant Detection teams, Canine program creation and management, and Canine consulting and training services. We also provide bedbug detection services.
Below are our most popular services with a brief description.
Narcotics Detection Services: Civilian or law enforcement K9 teams provide detection or patrol detection for narcotics.  Places often searched includes schools, hotels, restaurants, apartment or housing complexes, rehabilitation centers, halfway houses, and many many more.
Explosive Detection Services: Our Explosive Detection K9 Teams conduct routine scheduled or as needed searches for many high priority and profile clients across the country.  This includes Foreign heads of state, diplomats, and high net worth individuals. We also have and continue to provide explosive detection services to government clients of all types and foreign embassies, diplomatic residences, and outposts.  We also conduct search services and deterrent services for large gatherings of people like sporting events, concerts, conferences, and galas.
Patrol services: The above two detection services can also be paired with a patrol service.  This is where certified law enforcement or security teams, both armed and unarmed, can be provided as part of the service.  This is especially useful in areas of high threat or high crime.  Teams in hardened tactical uniforms are able to deter most issues as well as if mixed with a detection be still successful with detecting the problems they are searching for. Patrol services can also be used on its own.
In addition to our search and patrol services team, led by Federal K9 Program Manager Joshua Sullivan, of our Federal Services Office, located in the National Harbor outside of Washington DC, we have worked for and in connection with private companies as well as local, state, federal agencies, foreign countries, and foreign governments.  The below are just a few of the departments, organizations, countries, and dignitary and diplomats our staff have supported.
  • United States Secret Service for multiple Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Heads of State
  • United States Capital Police
  • United States Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service
  • US Military branches and Department of Defense
  • US Army Force Protection
  • Multiple Colleges and universities including University of Alabama, Liberty University, and multiple others
  • Multiple embassies and diplomatic residences including Saudi Arabia, Korea, India and many others
  • Nuclear and hydro power plants
  • Small, large and international businesses, including fortune 500 companies
  • Security Organizations such as Pinkerton, Sovereign Protective Service, and many more
We have also had the pleasure of training and leading explosive detection searches in countries including the Philippines, Costa Rica, Peru, Columbia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Portugal, Turkey, Cypress, Kuwait, Jordan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Barbados, Venezuela, and the Bahamas.
If you are interested in any of the above, please contact Federal K9 Program Manager Joshua Sullivan for information and pricing as we provide custom quotes for clients based on specific needs.  He can be reached at the office at 301-412-1476 or Jsullivan@alcanine.com